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Flickering Illuminations is a privately owned company, 
formed in July of 2000.  Yes, we did sell candles.

About the Artist

Heather Campbell Morrow was always drawn to the arts and in her undergraduate studies majored in Production/Directing for Theatre at Carnegie Mellon University.  Having spent the better part of 10 years, eating, sleeping and being theatre, she opted for a change of focus.  She moved to the Los Angeles area in 1992 and started exploring writing for the film and television industries.

It was a tragedy that led Heather to discover her passion for oil painting.  In the summer of 2002, her husband of 11 months was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.  They both found hope in The Wellness Community Center of Pasadena and there took a class called Painting Your Way to Wellness.  Heather was surprised and delighted with the painting that came home with her that day.  After a courageous year, her husband passed away and she found true solace in painting.

Heather believes that her paintings reflect the undying hope that is within us all and wants to continue to share her passion for life. 

Heather Campbell Morrow
e-mail to:  hacproductions@aol.com

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